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How much does a 3D store cost?


The cost is mainly based on two factors:

Firstly: The design of the 3D store which can be either imaginative or reminiscent to an existing store.

Secondly: the number of products in the store.

To receive a quotation please send us an email using the Contact page or call us: +357 99442886.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the 3D site users need to install any software?

No! The 3D site is web based meaning no additional software of middleware applications need to be installed. The web site will run on ALL popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer. Last but not least, you can use your smartphone ot tablet running Android or iOS operating systems to access and use the web site.

How do you add our products in the 3D store?

Products need to be 3D modeled using software such as 3ds Max or Blender. The modelled products can then be uploaded on the server and they will auotmatically appear in the 3D store.

Do I need special hosting servers or dedicated Internet lines ?

No ! Since our 3D web solution is highly memory efficient and provides provides dynamic loading of products, a typical shared hosting server (e.g. would be sufficient to host your web site and typical boradband Internet connections should provide the adequate speed to "walk into the 3D store".

Is there a limit to the number of products or size of the 3D shop?

No ! There is no limit to the number of products and imagination is the limit as to the size of the shop.

Can you design a store which is similar to our real life store?

Yes ! We can design a store similar to a real-life store or alternativly we can create an imaginary store.

How do I update the web site?

Different information such as prices and stock quantitiy can be updated through the back-end administrator panel. Products in the front-end need to be 3D modeled and uploaded on the server.

Does your web solution provide multi-language support?

Yes !

Can we add customizations such as "popularity of a product" or "customer reviews"?

The system is higlhly customizable and new features can be added to it upon request.